Lasso Coat Rack

I had a vision of a wooden coat rack with rounded corners and a rope around the edge.

I set out to the wood shop to find a piece of wood and I probably had something in my mind. (Picky!) Well, after several trips to the shop, I didn't find anything. I thought about settling for a piece of plywood and torch it for affect. I turned and looked down and this piece of solid wood was just sitting there against the drill press, saying, "Take Me!" It was perfect!

I used the scroll saw to round of the corners, then sanded it all over. This was a pretty piece of pine and I just wanted to clear coat it.

Next I set a myriad of hooks and horseshoes on the wood to figure out what looked the best.

I decided to use the horseshoe hooks from another project. I bolted in a rusted medium architectural star in the center and glued a handmade leather concho on top of it.

I had a piece of rope left over from making baskets and nailed it around the edge with a brad nail gun. I put the honda at…

Leather Covered Knife Block

I saw a photo of a leather covered knife block and thought I can do this! I purchased an inexpensive knife block with knives to experiment.

I made a template out of paper around the front of the block and cut the leather to fit. I stamped it and put a leather finish on it.

I glued it on with Titebond regular one section at a time, letting it dry after each section.

I wrapped paper around the back of the knife block to make a template for hair on cowhide.
Cowhide is ready to be glued.
I glued it on one section at a time, letting it cure between each section. I painted the white leather edges with a brown leather finish. I put Briwax on the unfinished wood.
On each side I made a concho and glued it on with Gorilla Glue.
I was pleased with the way it turned out. Try it and add some Western flair to your kitchen. Good luck!

Decorative Cross

I was cutting out these shelf brackets from mahogany and noticed a pretty left-over design. Well, I must make something out of that! An idea came to me to make a Decorative Cross piece. The dimensions of this piece are 5" wide x 14" tall.

I knew mahogany had a dark rich tone when sealed with a clear sealer. For contrast I squiggled some acrylic turquoise lines to look like turquoise inlay. Since this is the back, I could practice my technique.

A Key hole was installed on the back for easy hanging.

I put a finish on a Leather Cross, then glued on a metal Cross with regular Gorilla Glue. I've never used this glue before, and it worked great! I sawed off the little loop hanger at the top of the metal cross and filed any sharp edges.

I wanted to sand some of the sealer so I could glue on the leather cross. I traced the cross onto contact paper, cut it out and taped it onto the wood.

After sanding, I glued the leather cross onto the wood using Titebond regular.

A pretty nice…

Western Cutouts

Western cutouts are great fun and they can be used in so many ways.
I drew and cut them out of plywood on a scroll saw. You can cut them out of cardboard, leather or thick paper.

You can paint or stain them and then you can:

Glue them to a skewer to stick in flower arrangements.

Drill a hole in each and add jute to make ornaments.

Glue them to boxes or frames.

Make Garland.

Drill a hole if it's wood or leather and make a key fob.

Attach a hook to display on your saddle.

It doesn't have to be western. You can make any shape you want, such as Christmas cutouts. Choose your theme, cut out your shapes and create!

Wooden Star Stirrup

This Cast Iron Star Stirrup was on the website, but I have not been able to find anymore. So, I decided to make one out of wood.

I placed the stirrup on plywood and traced it to make a template.

I traced the star section and cleaned up the lines before I cut it out on a scroll saw. Once the templates are made, I can trace this pattern onto any wood I choose.

This is cut from mahogany. When I glued and screwed it together, it broke apart.

I cut another one from oak and glued it together. I used a brad nail gun to secure it.

I spray painted it with a textured paint.

I made another one and stained it to show the wood grain. I used epoxy on this one, which seems to work better.

These Star Stirrups will make great western home d├ęcor accents!

Rustic Frame with Conchos

Old wood from old barns and buildings, which included red and white oak, was used for the cabinetry in our kitchen remodel. This wood is dense, heavy and very strong.

The kitchen crew rebuilt some of our cabinet doors, so in this project I'm using the cabinet door reject scraps. Since the cabinet door frames had this groove on it for panels, I thought it would be perfect for making picture frames or mirrors.

I cut off half of the groove on the table saw to create a place for a picture or mirror. I cut the boards to make a 16" x 20" opening. The outside dimension of the finished frame is 20" x 24".

My plan was a rustic looking turquoise color and add large 2 1/4" conchos to the corners and center 3 3/4" silver clavos on each side.

I glued it together and nailed it with a brad nail gun on the edges at the corners and used a staple gun on the back corners.

This would look good with a coat of polyurethane, but I wanted to experiment with a bright and rus…

Grapevine Wreath

Making wreaths for Christmas is easy and fun! I used our 12" metal Star in Ring and an 18" grapevine wreath. Nothing says rustic and natural like a grapevine wreath.

I wired the star to the wreath and made a bow and wired it on at the bottom. I added pieces of greenery and tied large rustic bells to the wreath with twine.

In the beginning I was going to paint the star and bells red, but I like it just like this!

For a western style wreath I used a 16" grapevine wreath and cut the top out with a saw to make a horseshoe. I added a bow at the bottom and pieces of greenery.

The twig balls were in a package which I bought years ago. I thought the little twig balls would be cute with the twig wreath, so I spray painted them red and used hot glue to attach.

I drew the horse on plywood, cut it out on the scroll saw and painted it red. I wrote "Howdy Y'all!" with a white paint pen. I used hot glue to attach it to the wreath.

What ideas will you dream up for Christ…