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Crackle Star

I cut out another star from the post last week and painted it grey. I painted a little black randomly, let dry and then added Mod Podge. I used the hair dryer to get it tacky to the touch, then painted it white. Using the hair dryer the crackling started to form. You could paint it any color. You could use this as a décor piece or hang it on the wall. Or make different sizes, paint on both sides and hang from the ceiling in a child's bedroom or for parties.

US Flag Star Tray

I love stars! There are so many ways to use them in home décor. So you will probably see a lot of them around here. I used the star from a previous post to make a tray.

Place the star on 1/4" plywood, trace around it and cut it out on the band saw. You could use a jig saw also. Paint the star with Mod Podge and place a flag bandana or any fabric on it. I got this bandana at Joann's. Smooth it out a bit with your fingers then use a wood brayer working from the center. Trim off the excess material and attach to back of the star with a brad gun, nails, screws or glue. There you have it! A star tray or hang it on the wall. You could paint the wood star red, white and blue and use it on the 4th of July!

Three Cross Coat Hook

I used the drawer panel from a previous post to make a rustic coat hook. Epoxy was used to attach the crosses and three small coat hooks were screwed to the bottom of the panel. The crosses have loops at the top for hanging. These can be removed with a hack saw or pliers and filed down. This is one of many ideas in which you can use some of our products:


Small Coat Hooks

Cross Tack Nails

Horseshoe Tie Back

We painted a horseshoe black and mounted it for a curtain tie back using two nails. I would suggest using screws. Black matches the windows and curtain rod, but can be painted any color to match your curtains or room décor.

Here is what it looks like. Easy, simple and pretty!

Painted Backsplash

When we built our house, the master bath shower, counter and some flooring was Satillo Tile. I had several pictures from a New Mexico trip that I spread out into a panorama and painted a scene on the tiles. These tiles became the backsplash. I added the horse and native American and sealed all the painted tiles with polyurethane.

This is how the whole scene looks. The mirror is just above it, which spans the whole length of the two sink counter.