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Serape Arrow Coat Rack

For this project I turned an old cabinet door from my kitchen remodel into a beautiful colorful Serape Arrow Coat Rack!

Here is what the cabinet door looked like originally.

I sanded down the door. It's ugly now, but will become beautiful!

A smaller drawer panel became my practice piece. I tried to find serape fabric or serape wrapping paper with no luck, so I decided to find a photo of a serape blanket on the internet and print it out on a large format printer. I cut the photo to fit onto the drawer panel and after painting a thin coat of Mod Podge, I placed it on the panel. I smoothed it out with my fingers and a brayer. After it had dried I added a coat of Mod Podge in matte finish.

I drew an arrow on 1/4" plywood and cut it out on the scroll saw. I cut out a second one and painted both arrows coordinating acrylic paint colors. After it dried I sanded a little paint off, then brushed on a coat of Mod Podge.

I painted the frame blues and yellows rather sloppily, sanded a l…