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Fall Lariat Wreath

This was super easy! I put a zip tie on the top to hold the rope together and left enough room to slide in fall foliage. A burlap bow and deer antler were attached with wire.

Here's an easy Fall Arrangement to make. I had the rectangle basket just sitting there empty waiting for something to do. I set in a $1.99 pumpkin from the grocery store, stuck in the same fall foliage and burlap bow. Have fun!

Fall Décor Ideas

Fall is a great time of year and a fun time to decorate. Why not bring the fall colors from the outdoors into your home?

I found a 12" wreath ring from last year's live Christmas wreath and purchased a 5' fall garland at the craft store. I attached one end of the garland onto the ring with wire, wrapped it around the ring and attached the other end. I made a bow with burgundy burlap and attached it with wire. So you have an easy fall wreath. The garland is also pretty stapled around a door frame or draped on a mantle.

Here are other ways to use the wreath:

Use as a table center piece with a flameless candle.

I used our rustic saddle tree, the fall wreath, and an old boot with fall foliage.

Or just use the boot and the fall wreath.

Here is the boot with fall foliage and the burgundy burlap bow. Simple and colorful.

I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration.

Fabric Wrapped Canvas

This project is quick and easy décor. Use your favorite fabric to turn canvas into works of art. You will need artist canvas in any size you want, fabric, Mod Podge, scissors, and stapler. Cut the fabric to fit on the canvas leaving about an inch and a half extra for wrapping. Brush a thin coat of Mod Podge on the canvas. Lay the fabric on the canvas and slide into position. Spread evenly with your fingers over the canvas. Turn over and in the middle of each side pull the fabric tight and staple. Then start stapling all the way around. Fold the corners and staple. Hang on the wall. These canvases are 8x10.

This is a 16x20 canvas and would go great with cowboy or western décor. This one might be nice in a frame. I loved the fall colors in this fabric.

Custom Lariat Basket

This is a custom lariat basket made for a customer to give as a wedding gift. I burned the design into leather and epoxied the leather to the bottom of the basket.

Three different colors of rope were used. Starting at the bottom: tan, red, green, tan, red and green at the top. Each time I changed color of rope I had to splice the two different ropes together. On one color change instead of splicing I started the next color rope with the tassel end. The basket ends at the top with a tassel. The customer wanted tan, then red for the desert, then sage. I had already thought of that. The tan for the earth below, the red for the desert, and sage for the plants above. Perfect for a desert style basket for a customer in Arizona!