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Cowboy Frame

Here's an idea for all you cowboys and cowgirls. Take an old barn wood frame and use a glue gun to glue tiny cast iron horseshoes and slotted conchos with leather ties. Or pin your ribbons to it. Frame your favorite horse, cowboy or cowgirl. Fun for kids too.

Star Coat Hook

Use our Star Braces to make a Coat Hook/Shelf. Find the wood pieces you want to use. This happens to be cedar and I believe I put a wax finish on it. You can use any finish or paint it the color of your choice. Drill holes for Star Nails, hooks and 2 Star Braces. Find studs in your wall and use screws to mount it. And here you have a handy Coat Hook/Shelf for the Mud Room, Entry, or Bedroom. From the store you can buy these items:

Star Nails

Star Brace

Coat Hooks

Leaded Glass Window

A window can be mounted on an interior wall to add ambience. My husband and I mounted this leaded glass window between our bedroom and bath. I designed it and my father-in-law made it. You could find someone to make a custom window or you could find vintage leaded glass windows at antique shops.

Painting with Glaze

This bedroom had an old style texture and antique white paint for 20 years! Time for an update. I wanted a southwest, western, rustic stucco look. The old texture was scraped off and new texture applied with joint compound and a stomp brush creating a technique called heavy Monterey Drag. This was allowed to dry then Sherwin Williams Divine White Satin was applied for the base coat.

When the base coat dried Sherwin Williams Glaze and Thatch Brown Satin was mixed 4 parts glaze to 1 part brown. This mixture was applied and rubbed off with a rag or sponge to the desired lightness. You rub it almost immediately after applying, using a circular motion. Work in small sections or the glaze will dry.

This is a close up shot of the texture.