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Spur Rowel Frame

Here's a way to westernize a barn wood frame with upholstery nails and spur rowels.

Autumn Horseshoe Hanger

Are you ready for Fall? Me too! Especially after a summer of Texas heat. This will get you in the mood for Autumn crafts. I painted the Cast Iron Horseshoe and wove leather lacing through the holes and up to tie in a knot. Fall foliage and chili peppers from the craft store were glued to the horseshoe with super glue. I added a little leather and beads at the bottom. This project would be fun for kids too!

Horseshoe Star Coat Rack

Here's another simple coat rack with Horseshoe Star Hooks painted the same manner as the Southwest Coat Hook.

Leather Star Candle Holder

I had some leather and a cedar wood block and thought I would make a rustic western candle holder. If you're wondering why the angel is in the picture, it was sitting on the table and I left it there. She adds a little peace to the scene.

I drilled a hole in the top for a flameless candle and punched a hole in the leather for a cowhide star concho. An adapter screw was used to screw the concho into the wood. The leather was attached with contact cement. Vinegar was sprayed on the star nails and set in the sun for a while and then sealed with clear polyurethane spray. Then they were pushed into holes drilled in the top of the wood around the candle. When I used a leather conditioner on the leather I accidently got some on the wood so I 'conditioned' all of the wood. It made it look even more rustic.

These items used in this project are available in the store:

Concho Cowhide Star

Star Nail Mini

Cast Iron Angel

Southwest Coat Hook

I wanted to use spurs as shelf supports in a project but was told it couldn't be done. I made it happen anyway. Never give up on your ideas.

I used oak boards and as I begin laying it out, ideas started popping into my head so I went with it.

Holes were drilled.

With a chisel a section was notched out for the spur.

A hole was drilled for a spoke of the spur rowel. The spur was attached with epoxy.

I painted the first coat with acrylic and decided to paint all of the edges in a different color. Then I sanded a bit. I applied golden oak stain and wiped it off. I cut the geometric designs out of plywood and painted them the same way. They were attached with wood glue.

Three coats of Wipe-On Poly were used as the finish.

After everything was painted, the shelf was glued and screwed to the bottom piece. At the same time the spurs were attached with epoxy. The header was attached with biscuits and glue. Coat hooks were screwed in.

A French cleat bracket was attached for hanging.

These …