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Texas Coat Rack

I saw this coat rack in a local antique store and noticed many of the items are in our store so I thought I'd try to make one like it.

I gathered pieces of weathered pallet wood, cut and placed them like I wanted them. Pictured are the approximate dimensions of the boards. They are 1/2" thick. The trim was cut on a table saw and they are 1/2" x 1". The finished project was 22 1/4" wide x 20 1/4" tall. My version appears to be a smaller scaled down version of the original.

The boards were put together with biscuits and glue then clamped. The center support is 1 1/8" wide.  The trim was glued and nailed with a brad gun. The little corner pieces  are 1/4" thick and were glued and nailed with a brad gun.

I bought 2 10" x 10" mirrors from the craft store and installed them with mirror clips.

I sprayed all of the iron pieces with vinegar and placed them in the sun to rust. The iron pieces were then sprayed with a clear finish. I drilled hole…